Motivating Vision with a Purpose

Motivating Vision with a Purpose

Our Company’s Mission and Values:


“Struggles are a part of life. We can either go through it with a fear over our head or we can look at it as an opportunity.” 

Our Vision For Motivational Speaking and Effective Coaching

MOTIVATING VISION WITH A PURPOSE provides a hope journey prospective that can bring hope into people’s lives by sharing his struggles and victories. By uplifting and being a voice for others, Dewayne Malone (Our Keynote Speaker) may bring people to a renewed sense of life and learn to live life to the fullest. By making a monumental impact on one person, that individual is more able to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Through this cause-and-effect process, the world can become a more hope-oriented place, increasing the overall life positivity of all individuals.




Our Strategies For Creating:


-Motivation and Hope


-Loving others completely

-Bringing out the best qualities inside of everyone

-Uplifting people’s spirits and bringing life into them

 -Growing and developing mentors and mentees

 -Empowering leaders - and leadership potential

 -Promoting honesty in relationships

- Providing excellent service and putting people first.