In Dewayne's late teens and early twenty's Dewayne, began to fall victim to his personal desire for material things, cars, guns, drugs, jewelry, homes, cash and the like of things his flesh desired, but which he had not yet earned. The street began to lure him in its clutches, and Dewayne began to find it easier to make fast cash on the street, than to work for it. At the age of 22 he found himself facing a prison sentence, and stripped of all the material things that his illegal-gotten ways had provided him. Dewayne did not cry over the loss of things, he realized they were not important. It was his disobedience, the disgrace he'd brought upon himself, his family name, and the grief that his actions had caused them, that he was sorry for.


 It was for these reasons and many more that he began to repent of his sins and asking for forgiveness, and re- establishing himself. Since Dewayne has released several albums, motivational dvds, and is currently adventuring out to schools, conferences, churches, and more to inspire and motivate others from making the same mistakes that he has.